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             PCA Skin products

           A skin care breakthrough

Providing visible results in as little as one week, C&E Strength and C&E Strength Max are unprecedented new formulations from PCA SKIN.


* Results seen rapidly, within one week

  1. *The highest available amount of pure    vitamin E (tocopherol) on the market provided maximum benefit and rapid results.

  2. *Provides maximum efficacy with L-ascorbic acid, the only bioavailable form of vitamin C accepted by the skin.

  3. *Optimal protection from free radicals throughout the day.

Can your vitamin C do this after only 1 week?


Or this in only 5 weeks?


The results speak for themselves.




C&E Strength                $90.00

C&E Strenth Max          $94.00

Introductory offer for September 2014

20% off either product

C&E Strength   now      $72.00

C&E Strength    now     $75.20

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September/October 2014

A message from Gabrielle

Remember in the last issue, I was harping on wearing sun screen every day? My PCA rep found this video and forwarded it to me and I think you will find it interesting to watch. I am sure I will be selling lots more sunscreen this month as a result! Go ahead, click on the link:    


The importance of regular   peels and daily care.

Human skin is a dynamic organ, ever-changing in appearance as new cells are born in the deep layers and travel up toward the surface.                                 As a result, if you have only one professional treatment and do not take care of your skin on a regular basis, any benefits that were achieved will be lost.      Caring for teeth is a similar endeavor; if one sees a dentist twice a year, but doesn’t brush and floss at home, their teeth will still be unhealthy. It is the synergy between the daily use of a targeted home skin care regimen and regular visits to a skin health clinician (that would be me) for peels that leads to continues healthy, glowing skin.

The frequency of professional visits is based on the conditions to be addressed.  For aging skin, it is recommended to have a professional treatment once a month, unless you have extensive skin discoloration. If you are looking to treat visible aging as well as hyperpigmentation it is wise to begin treatments at 3 week intervals to better address the pigment issues. Once the pigment is resolved you can then move to monthly visits.

An excellent choice for again skin is the tricholoroacetic acid (TCA) blend, Ultra Peel 1. This formulation addresses the need for collagen deposition, increased elasticity and reduction of skin discoloration, without causing undue inflammation that may lead to irritation.

This month, to combat all that photodamage and the resulting textural variances, I am offering up to 3 extra layers of Ultra Peel 1 peel solution during your treatment (will be adjusted according to your skin and sensitivity) at no extra charge.

Facials versus Peels.

Ever since I started doing the PCAskin peels I am asked about the difference the peels make in your skin versus the facials.

For the first 20 years of my career the only thing available to us as professional products for use in a facial were granular exfoliation cremes, some ampoules that could be penetrated with galvanic current, a steamer to soften the skin for manual extractions, masques and on a more effective  level, perhaps an Enzyme masque.

All of us in the industry became very excited when Glycolic Acid became available as well as Micro Dermabration. Finally we could do more then just remove a few dead and dry surface cells and stimulate the skin with a massage.

Though Glycolic acid as a single ingredient acid was perhaps a little harsh for most of my clients and micro dermabration left the skin red and in some cases irritated.

But it was much more then just a plain facial and the long term results were much more dramatic.

Today we are indeed lucky that the products available to us are so much more effective. Even in my remaining facial “Guinot Beaute Neuve” treatment we are peeling in a more gentle way. The fruit acids in the Peel’in gel penetrate between the dead surface cells to cut the intercellular links, while Peel’out foam gently removes them. To conclude the treatment, the Clarimasque with pure vitamin C regenerates the elastic fibers and lightens pigmentation marks, leaving the skin radiant.

For those of you who just cannot live without a relaxing massage, this is far more effective then the old facials, but you still cannot get the dramatic long term improvement you will see with the PCAskin* peels.

If your skin is in need of corrective measures, the fastest way to achieve this is with the Chemical peels. If it’s pigmentation changes you have gone through, fine lines or even acne, nothing works as fast as the peels. We can finally get beyond those surface layers and make changes in the deeper layers of your skin, were most of these issues are seated.

The changes I have witnessed in my clients skin is truly remarkable and as the peels are not aggressive, but rather progressive, it will take a little time and a few treatments for lasting results, as well as a maintenance schedule, but you will see immediate improvement as well.

As Dr. Lindner says: “When performed regularly you can get the same results, as you do with lasers”.

I might ad “a lot less expensive and much more pleasant an experience”.

I can truthfully say that those of you who have been coming to me for years, have truly remarkable young looking and healthy skin.

Congratulations and thank you for trusting in me all these years and being open to all the new treatments I introduced.

To conclude, if you truly want fast and lasting results the peels are your best choice and you can always have a relaxing facial on a cruise or at a Spa in the wine country.

Stay happy and healthy everyone.