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Happy New Year to all.

I trust all of you had a wonderful holiday, whatever you where celebrating. Wishing you a very healthy and successful 2016, with all of your resolutions coming to fruition.

I do hope some of your resolutions include to either continue to take good care of your skin, or to start on a more regular basis. The difference between skin that is cared for regularly and that which is not, is very obvious to the naked eye. Don’t get caught looking older then your years. Regular Skin Treatments and at home care with products that really work will keep your skin healthy and glowing and your age well hidden.

Here are some of our product that have been talked about in the press:

YOU BEAUTY” writes about our Perfecting Neck and Decollete creme $78

What it does: Improves firmness of the neck area, reduces fine lines and wrinkles while also nixing redness and hyperpigmentation.Why it works: Now that summer’s over, it’s time for some serious skin rehab. If you weren’t religiously applying sunscreen daily (don’t tell us, we don’t want to know), chances are you did a bit of damage. And while our faces might seem like the most important parts of our bodies, the thin skin on your neck needs some TLC, too. After all, turkey neck is one of those signs of aging you’d like to stave off as long as humanly possible, right?The peptide combinations (palmitoyl tripeptide-38 and 5) in this formula boost protein and collagen formation in the skin, which strengthens it and increases elasticity to prevent sagging and wrinkling. Another key ingredient, calcium hydroxymethionine, has shown to seriously improve the delicate skin on the neck and chest. “It is particularly suited to treat this skin due to its ability to dramatically increase keratinocyte [skin cells in the outermost layer of skin] proliferation and collagen stimulation, and improve the elasticity of the skin while reducing the appearance of crêpe paper-type skin,” notes Jennifer Linder, M.D., board-certified dermatologist and chief scientific officer at PCA Skin.Niacinamide helps correct color, minimizing hyperpigmentation and reducing redness. And a small amount of everyone’s favorite anti-ager, retinol, also helps clear the skin and even out skintone.Why you care: Fifty-nine percent of YouBeauty readers either don’t wear sunscreen daily or wear it but only on their face. This cream will help strengthen and repair the damage done to this sensitive spot without irritating it. (Note: This should not replace a daily sunscreen. You should still be slathering it on every day if you’re serious about preventing old lady cleavage.


O, The Oprah Magazine highlights Ideal Complex: Revitalizing Eye Gel, $ a "refreshing new option" in "brightening, tightening, and depuffing" eye treatments.

This antioxidant formulation combines maximum strength pure vitamin C and pure vitamin E to strengthen skin, minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  1. Maximum concentration of pure vitamins C and E delivers unmatched results

  2. Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, and evens skin tone

  3. Stronger, smoother skin seen in as little as one week

  4. For those who can tolerate 20% pure vitamin C that delivers optimal results

top five myths

Natural versus synthetic ingredients

There are many resources on the web about the type of skincare you should be using, and they often have conflicting opinions. It’s hard to navigate what’s true and what’s not, and what’s actually the most beneficial and safe. We’re breaking down the top five myths about all natural versus synthetically-produced products.

Myth #1: Something made with chemicals is always bad for you.
Truth: All matter is made of chemicals – water is a chemical. Saying something is a “chemical” does not make is dangerous.

Myth #2: Something made with natural ingredients it is inherently good for you.
Truth: Petroleum is natural and you wouldn’t want to ingest that or apply it topically.

Myth #3: Synthetic ingredients are bad for you.
Truth: Synthetic does not mean “un-natural”, it simply means that the ingredient was created to mirror its original source without a company behaving in an environmentally irresponsible way to obtain it.

Myth #4: All natural ingredients are sourced more responsibly than their synthetic counterparts.
Truth: Just because an ingredient comes from nature doesn’t mean it is sourced in an environmentally responsible way. Manufacturing minute amounts of a skincare ingredient naturally found in plants, can require harvesting and processing acres of that plant. Synthesizing that ingredient in a lab can create exactly the same molecule that functions in exactly the same way on your skin, while preserving those natural resources. In other words, your skin doesn’t know the difference between natural and synthetic versions of the same ingredients.

Myth #5: All natural ingredients have botanical origins.
Truth: Many common skincare ingredients are actually derived from animal sources. For example, hyaluronic acid has amazing hydrating benefits, but naturally comes from the combs of roosters. That molecule can be created synthetically in a lab and provide the same hydrating benefits without risk of animal cruelty.

I was just informed by PCA that a lot of the products that we all use and love will be a little more expensive starting this January. The good news is that I still have a nice assortment  of most of them at the old price which are available to you as long as my supplies last. In addition I will give you an additional 10% off on everything in stock.

As this also means that all of my back bar products (what I use in my treatments )have also gone up and I feel it necessary to raise my prizes for the first time in 5 years. It is only a $5 increase on all treatments, peels and facials starting on February 1st, 2016.

Thank you so much for your understanding and your continued patronage.

Warm regards,


Facials versus Peels.

Ever since I started doing the PCAskin peels I am asked about the difference the peels make in your skin versus the facials.

For the first 20 years of my career the only thing available to us as professional products for use in a facial were granular exfoliation cremes, some ampoules that could be penetrated with galvanic current, a steamer to soften the skin for manual extractions, masques and on a more effective  level, perhaps an Enzyme masque.

All of us in the industry became very excited when Glycolic Acid became available as well as Micro Dermabration. Finally we could do more then just remove a few dead and dry surface cells and stimulate the skin with a massage.

Though Glycolic acid as a single ingredient acid was perhaps a little harsh for most of my clients and micro dermabration left the skin red and in some cases irritated.

But it was much more then just a plain facial and the long term results were much more dramatic.

Today we are indeed lucky that the products available to us are so much more effective. Even in my remaining facial “Guinot Beaute Neuve” treatment we are peeling in a more gentle way. The fruit acids in the Peel’in gel penetrate between the dead surface cells to cut the intercellular links, while Peel’out foam gently removes them. To conclude the treatment, the Clarimasque with pure vitamin C regenerates the elastic fibers and lightens pigmentation marks, leaving the skin radiant.

For those of you who just cannot live without a relaxing massage, this is far more effective then the old facials, but you still cannot get the dramatic long term improvement you will see with the PCAskin* peels.

If your skin is in need of corrective measures, the fastest way to achieve this is with the Chemical peels. If it’s pigmentation changes you have gone through, fine lines or even acne, nothing works as fast as the peels. We can finally get beyond those surface layers and make changes in the deeper layers of your skin, were most of these issues are seated.

The changes I have witnessed in my clients skin is truly remarkable and as the peels are not aggressive, but rather progressive, it will take a little time and a few treatments for lasting results, as well as a maintenance schedule, but you will see immediate improvement as well.

As Dr. Lindner says: “When performed regularly you can get the same results, as you do with lasers”.

I might ad “a lot less expensive and much more pleasant an experience”.

I can truthfully say that those of you who have been coming to me for years, have truly remarkable young looking and healthy skin.

Congratulations and thank you for trusting in me all these years and being open to all the new treatments I introduced.

To conclude, if you truly want fast and lasting results the peels are your best choice and you can always have a relaxing facial on a cruise or at a Spa in the wine country.